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So it’s taken a couple weeks but I’ve finally gotten settled in to my groove at La Raza, and things are looking great. My only task for the summer is my survey project and its corresponding research (which are both exclusively my own), so I have a lot of freedom to do what I need to get everything done. As the survey responses have begun to trickle in, I have begun setting up principal interviews to find out more about the dual language and bilingual education programs affiliated with NCLR. I have definitely been doing my own independent research to keep up because a lot of the techniques these schools use are very new to the literature and constantly changing.

Since all of the schools I have been working with are either charter or private schools they have many privileges that America’s public schools do not. It’s been really great to see schools that are able to implement unnecessarily controversial programs like dual language programs without the political obstacles that the public school systems face. At the same time, it makes it even more sad to see that these programs are effective and thriving, but where they’re most needed, they are only met with opposition and stigmatization. My hope is that this summer, I will be able to learn as much as I can about these programs, and when I go off to pursue my own teaching job, I’ll be able to implement the techniques I’ve learned in face of the millions of obstacles ESL teachers must face.

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